Ocean Harmony Barbershop Chorus

Ocean Harmony is a men’s barbershop singing chorus based near Southampton, Hampshire.

We sing popular songs and provide entertainment for private parties, arts festivals, charities and fund raising events – any sort of appropriate event.

Ocean Harmony Barbershop Chorus
Ocean Harmony started in October 2003 and has grown from the 5 new people who attended the first meeting, to over 35 men singers at present. We are always looking for new recruits to grow our chorus, both experienced singers and beginners. If you like to sing, and are free for a couple of hours on a Wednesday evening, please contact us.

We are lucky enough to be involved in a musical hobby that uses nothing more complicated than the human voice – no instruments to buy and maintain, no heavy and awkward cases to lug around, and you can take it anywhere you like and join in almost instantly.

The members of Ocean Harmony Barbershop Chorus work quite hard to improve the way in which we sing. There are certain techniques that are obvious when you know what they are – like diaphragmatic breathing, open throat, soft palette etc – but don’t worry, we will teach you all this and you will never view singing in the same light again.

This web site is designed to show you all about the Ocean Harmony Barbershop Chorus, where we are, what we do, how we do it, how you can book us or join us etc. So please have a look around and get in touch if you think we can do something for you – you will be made most welcome whatever it is.