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May 13, 2021

57 Zooms Later.....

We Are Back!

After 57 weeks of lockdown, (excluding a one-off rehearsal in November) Ocean Harmony is back to In-Person rehearsals starting on 19th May 2021.

The last year has not been wasted.  More than 60% of the chorus members have met each week, keeping the singing and friendships alive.  5 new songs have been learnt remotely, so excitement is high to be able to actually sing these pieces.

At the start of the year, we spent over 2 months going back to basics and re-learning some of the crucial techniques we use in Male Voice Acapella singing, particularly good breath control and pitch support (making sure we don't go out of tune!)

Coming back to singing will be a challenge for most of our members.  While zoom sessions have been great, they have not allowed us to use our voices in the way intended for singing. So the return will be a gentle exercising of singing voices, to ensure that Ocean Harmony is back and open for business as quickly as possible.

As lockdown eases, we look forward to bringing our own unique blend of Acapella singing back to Southampton and the New Forest.

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