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August 18, 2014

Learn to Sing in Perfect Harmony - FREE COURSE

OCEAN HARMONY, Southampton’s own four-part harmony chorus, is looking for new members. For all those men who sing in the bath and the shower, are new to singing or who have not sung for a while, there is now a chance to learn to sing properly. To help you get started, OCEAN HARMONY is offering a six week ‘LEARN TO SING’ course starting on 1st October at the Colbury Memorial Hall Ashurst at 7-30pm and it is absolutely free!

Ocean Harmony welcomes any men who would love to sing but who have never quite got round to it or have never had the opportunity, or who may be a bit daunted by the process. Just about anybody can sing and this course will help you discover your voice and gain confidence as one of a group and in company and harmony with other new members and the existing team. It’s great fun and good for your health.

The subjects to be covered will include posture, breathing, resonance, singing vowels and consonants and presentation. The course will be run by Mike Whitcher and Mike Jones, members of Ocean Harmony.

There is no need to worry about reading music because the simple teaching methods will help you learn songs quickly, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

The course starts on Wednesday 1st October and you can register by phoning 02380 815305 or send an email to learntosing@oceanharmony.co.uk.

Full details on the free learn to sing course here.

In a couple of weeks you’ll not only be enjoying singing with the chorus but you’ll also be able to sing along ‘in perfect harmony’.

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