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A free six week course that will teach you harmony singing in a safe group environment. At the end of the course you will have the opportunity to perform in a chorus.


Wednesday 6th April to Wednesday 11th May (Six Weeks)

7.15pm to 9.00pm


Colbury Memorial Hall, 133 Main Road, Colbury, SOUTHAMPTON, SO40 7EL

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The course is open to all men over the age of 16.

Is it really free?

Absolutely! there will be no charge at all - just come and learn some of the techniques that the professionals use.

Have I got to sing on my own? Is it individual coaching?

The free singing course will be held in a group environment so everybody learns the same techniques at the same time at the same pace.

Do I have to be able read music?

No you do not, many chorus singers do not read music, you will find that with a little of practice you will be able to learn songs by rote from the materials we give you.

A healthy mind in a healthy body

Medical benefits are that, by learning basic singing techniques you exercise your breathing, develop your posture and learning new songs exercises your brain. A great stress-buster!

New to Singing...

Many men would love to sing. Most don't have the opportunity of getting around to it, or maybe are too self-conscious. Give it a go!

This workshop will help you to discover your voice and gain confidence.
There is no need to read music, the simple teaching techniques will help you learn quickly.

...or maybe you've sung before?

Maybe it's a few years since you have sung, if so this course is the perfect way to ease yourself back into action. If you are a regular singer, the course may be a useful reminder of basic techniques. Experience the sheer exhilaration of singing in a  Chorus. You'll experience four part harmony. It's exciting and stimulating.

What else will we do?

We will take you through:

•       Physical Warm up's

•       Vocal exercises

•       Vocal Techniques

•       Performance Techniques

•       Song learning 

What's the catch?

There is none, unless you consider being invited to join our chorus at the end of the course a catch! Every man who completes the course and wishes to be considered for membership of Ocean Harmony Chorus will get the opportunity to join the chorus.

Who's in the chorus and what do they think about singing?

Take a look through the slideshow below and find out what singing with Ocean Harmony means to our members.

Okay, sounds good, what do I do now?

Register for the FREE Course

If you have any questions email welcome@oceanharmony.co.uk today!

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