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September 15, 2020

Ocean Harmony in Lockdown

The Covid-19 lockdown has had a serious effect on choirs, all who have had to stop rehearsals in favour of internet based conferencing to carry on some semblance of singing together.

Sadly even with the best technology, live singing is not something that has bee very successful, so members within Ocean Harmony have learnt and developed the skills of audio and video production in order to create a virtual recording of the classic song "Feed the Birds" from Mary Poppins.

Each member recorded their own part, and through the magic of audio editing, each track was added to create an incredible sound. To add to the experience other members of the chorus learnt the art of video editing in order to put together this presentation.

Not only is Ocean Harmony still alive and singing, it's learning new skills and adding to the great wealth of lockdown music-making.

We continue to meet every Wednesday evening for singing and social interaction - not over a coffee, but now with a weekly general knowledge quiz!

If you would like to come and experience the current wonders of Internet session singing, just contact us at:


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