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June 26, 2021


Ocean Harmony Chorus are back rehearsing in person. With indoor singing still limited to six people only, we worked with Colbury Hall, our regular venue, to take advantage of the considerable outside space at the hall. We’ve updated our risk assessment and rehearsal protocols and now have 90 minute weekly rehearsals consisting of:

        Socially distanced, mask free singing in our regular chorus stack outside

        Meeting inside at intervals, socially distanced, to discuss song development and interpretation with masks and no singing.

We also stream live via Zoom for those unable to attend the in-person rehearsal.

This approach protects our voices and keeps everyone involved. Currently around 20 singers attend which we hope will swell to 30 as people become more confident. John Masters our Chorus Director is delighted:

The enthusiasm from the singers was palpable as we set the first live sung chord in over a year. Most incredibly voices rang true and clear, a testament to the work that everyone has been doing during lockdown. I am so excited for the next few months.”

Feedback from the Chorus was great: “like old times”, “ignited my enthusiasm”, “will definitely do it again”. We debuted our latest addition to the repertoire “Edelweiss”, a special arrangement by our own Chorus Director, plus we’re refreshing some favourites including “Happy Together” – which certainly sums up the mood right now!

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