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November 3, 2023

Quartet Tag Competition

It was all to play ‘four’ when Ocean Harmony singers competed against each other in their latest Quartet Tag Competition.

Although there were cakes for everyone, first place went to the super harmonic sounds of ‘In the Shadow’ quartet. Clive Brook (bari), Robert Pill, (lead), John Newell (bass) and John Masters (tenor) won over the judges when they sang Shadow of Your Smile.

Some OH members stuck to their usual range to sing while other foursomes took on different parts and blended well to produce some great chords.

First on were ‘The Will Bs’ - Richard Fort (tenor), Frank Henry (lead), Paul Wastell (bass) and Mike Page (bass) singing Your Song.

They were followed by Bully’s Heroes - John Yapp (bass), Stewart Bullbrooke (bari),  Richard Hedges (tenor) and Glyn Perrens (lead) singing Roses I Bring to You.

Dell Boys then performed ‘Like Leaves We’ll Fall in Love’ - Charles Hundley (bass), John Knell (lead), Paul Keeping (bari), Gary Ford (tenor) and guest Chris Paget (bass).

‘Four Handy Men’ - Alan Woodhouse (tenor), Dudley Stone (bari), Joe Hayward (lead), David Wilson (bass), produced a great version of Give Me Your Hand.

Then came our winners for the evening 'In The Shadow'.

Next on were Paul Moulin, Robert Morgan, Richard Hedges and Keith Coward with their rendition of The Barbershop Song.

Finishing off the evening were ‘Bill’s Beach Boys’ - with Clive Downton (tenor), Peter Ashwood (bass), Bill Smith (lead) and John Masters (bari) singing Sleepy Time Down South.


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