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June 3, 2015

Supporting Gift of Sight

The local Gift of Sight charity was established at the University of Southampton in 2006 to fund researchinto prevention and treatment of blindness. The current emphasis is on stem-cell projects with the intentionof replacing lost vision, gene therapy to remove faulty genes and research into age-related MacularDegeneration.

This world class and quality-of-life enhancing research at University Hospital Southampton, is led byProfessor Andrew Lotery, supported by academic research staff, PhD students and specialist technicians.All of this wonderful research, the team dedicated to furthering the understanding of the causes andtreatments of blindness, the equipment and consumables to enable vision cientists to move projectsforward without delay, requires considerable funding from many charitable sources.

Ocean Harmony, the Southampton based Barbershop Chorus recently staged a concert to contribute fundsfor this vital work and our picture shows the Ocean Harmony Chairman, Dudley Stone, presenting a chequefor 500 to Ailsa Walter, the Fundraising Manager of the University of Southampton Gift of Sight Appeal.

The 500 raised by Ocean Harmony and the valued contributions from other fund-raising organisations willenable Gift of Sight to continue providing funding for critical research to help a huge number of patientswho are accepted into the system each month and need to return for injections to the eye until their vision isstabilised.

For further information on how to become involved in raising funds for this wonderful charity, please contactAilsa Walter through info@giftofsight.org.uk More information on this research www.giftofsight.org.uk

If you would like Ocean Harmony to sing at any of your charitable fund-raising events contact us

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